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Playdate Place is Kmart’s go-to resource for planning fun playdates.

DIY Halloween Treats

This Halloween, give Trick-or-Treaters something good (and healthy) to eat: Homemade popcorn balls! You’ll save money on buying heaps of store bought candy, and your kids will love the gooey, hands-on preparation. The recipe is so easy, it’s scary! Don’t be surprised if yours becomes the go-to house for Halloween goodies next year. Let the […]

The Savvy Santa

Santa, your holiday alter ego, could hire an energetic elf to wrangle all the gifts on your Christmas list. Or you could find all the trendiest toys at affordable prices at Kmart. Which option would a struggling Santa prefer? Kmart partnered with noted director, Paul Fuentes, Anita Renfroe of “Mom Song” fame, and other comedians—Big […]

Best Toys for Girls

I’m never one to gender-type a toy. The testing we do here at Toy Tips suggests that kids like toys that speak to their personalities, current interests and skills. However, when we recently studied girls in kindergarten through 4th grade, we noticed that they responded best to toys that fly, sing, and spark their imagination. […]

Best Toys for Boys

Survey says, the more a toy can belch, bark, toot, zoom or spin, the more kids are drawn to it. So what features make a toy boy-friendly? The criteria are tricky. In my experience, gender identification is more of a marketing guideline than a hard and fast play rule. With that in mind, we chose […]

Playdate Food Challenge: Vegetarian for a Day!

Moms, it’s time to veg out!  October is National Vegetarian Month, so I challenge you and your family to go meat-free for one day. Worried about missing out on protein? Don’t be. Vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, and certain whole grains are excellent plant-based protein sources. They’re also cholesterol-free, low in artery-clogging fats (saturated and trans-fat), […]

Toy Tips Tuesday: Puzzles

Sifting through shapes—figuring out matches—the feeling of accomplishment when two pieces snap together: Simply put, puzzles rock. Plus, there are fresh, funky twists on traditional flat models. Here are a few of our favorite mind-benders. For the littlest learners Kids will love the bright colors, fun sound effects, and quirky textures. This toy also boosts […]

Sporty Toys For Every Age

The moment your little one could throw, you bought a ball. Smart choice! That ball helped develop motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and balance. You can also use that ball as a springboard to introduce your kid to sports. As your child grows, be sure to stock the toy box with games that encourage his or […]

Confucius Day (for kids!)!

Confucius says, Moms who make fortune cookies from scratch also make fortunate kids. Ok, I’m just kidding. But my super-easy recipe, way tastier than the store-bought stuff, will have your little ones crunching and munching all the way to China, just in time for Confucius Day on September 29. Add my Shanghai Chicken to the […]

Applesauce is the Boss!

It may take years for apple trees to grow, but it only takes minutes to make my all-natural applesauce.  No need to add sugar, like the store bought brands do—fresh, seasonal apples are naturally sweet. And you can turn this dish into a fun, family outing by going apple picking.  Make sure you gather enough […]

Play at the Dinner Table

playdate dinner time games

You’ve probably told your kids that it’s improper to play at the dinner table. And it usually is. However, engaging in a few choice games breaks up mealtime monotony, especially if you’re having last night’s chicken. Try these five, flavorful picks. 1. Laugh and Learn Say Please Tea Set Since you’re already at the table, […]