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Quick, Easy, No Sew (mostly) Last-Minute Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas!


I love the idea of recycling stuff around the house to use for crafts, homemade holiday gifts and, more importantly, last-minute school projects.

Like the year my middle girl started going to school full-time and my flipping out over totally forgetting to get her a costume for Halloween.

What?!?  I had a new baby in the house and marching in the kindergarten Halloween parade is really sort of like going to the prom, for 5 and 6 year-olds.

So I dug through my craft drawer, pulled out some leftover tulle from the favors I made for my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary, grabbed a pair of wings and big chunky beads out of the dress up box (thank you grandma and grandpa) some shiny wrapping leftover from Christmas and viola!

“LOOK!  You’re a beautiful butterfly!”

Although she probably would not admit it (fyi:  teenagers don’t usually like to be seen, or heard agreeing with their parents) it was one of Heather’s favorite costumes (mine, too!)

Need a quick, easy, last-minute, homemade Halloween costume idea?  EXCELLENT!  I’ve got a couple up my sleeve:

Ghost:  Take one white sheet, cut holes for eyes, nose, mouth = instant Halloween classic!

A Fall Tree:  Using a brown hooded sweatshirt and sweatpants; cut out leaf shapes using red, orange, green and yellow felt; glue leaves on arms, shoulders, a few on the head; then add a small stuffed bird, or a raccoon peeking out of a pocket…SO CUTE!

Homemade Pirate Costume:  Blue jeans, add a striped shirt, plastic or wooden sword (although, some schools won’t allow you to carry objects like swords, or brooms) then, fasten a belt across his chest.  If you’re feeling extra pirate-y:  pin a fabric bird shape to the top of the strap and add a red bandana.

Pair of Dice:  If you have more than one child, why not send them out as a pair of dice?  Take two large boxes, cut out the center and cover each one with white felt and then take black felt, cut out the appropriate number of circles for each side.  Or, you could always paint the boxes white, let dry and then paint the black dots, as well.  Make one child 1-4 and the other 5-8.

Juice Box:  Another chance to recycle your cardboard boxes-type costume – paint it to look like a juice box and add a straw.

Smarty Pants:  Love, LOve, LOVe, LOVE this one – pin or glue a bunch of Smarties (candy) to your child’s pants to make them a Smarty Pants.

Poodle Costume:  Oh, my heavenly dog how cute is this idea?  Taking a pair of sweat pants, sweat shirt, or onesie with tights, glue a bunch of puffs at the ankles, wrists and waist; headband and socks to make ears.

That was easy, right?  Got a DIY Halloween costume idea you’d like to share?

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