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Five Easy Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Kids to Make


If you’re short on cash and time, get the kids involved in making some homemade gifts for their teachers, relatives and friends this year.   All of these projects can be completed in a couple hours or less and cost under $10.  They’re also great “keep-them-busy” activities if they’re not in school in the days leading up to Christmas.

Laminated Photo Place Mats – If you’ve got extra 4×6 photos or artwork from school (and what mom doesn’t?) have the kids arrange them on a piece of heavy-duty cardstock or tag board and glue them down with glue stick.  Next, take them to an office supply store to have them laminated.  They make fun, personal and unique place mats that can be customized for any recipient.

DIY Story Time Videos – Creating a homemade story time video for young friends and relatives that live far away is a great way for them to see your faces and voices as often as they’d like.  Plus, since you likely have most of the things to create this gift already in your own home, it costs next to nothing to make.   Grab your digital video camera and record your kids reading some of their favorite books.  Burn the video to a DVD and you’re set!

Homemade Bath Fizzies — Bath bombs (a.k.a. bath fizzies) are a fun project for kids of just about any age to make, and just as much fun to receive!  They’re also a great way to learn about science, since the citric acid in them causes a fizzing action when combined with water.  Instructions can be found HERE

Homemade Dog and Cat Treats – Don’t forget your furry friends this holiday season!  Allrecipes.com is a great source for recipes for both dog and cat treats.  Kids will have fun making them, but probably enjoy feeding them to Fido or Fluffy even more.

Exfoliating Sugar Scrubs – Probably the quickest of all gifts to make, an exfoliating sugar scrub can be whipped together in 15 minutes or less.  Simply combine two parts brown sugar and one part petroleum jelly.  Store in a decorative airtight container.  It’s great for sloughing off dead skin on elbows, knees, and heels.

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