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Playdate Safety; How to keep your kids safe at playdates?


Be careful! Don’t run near the stairs! No, you can’t use your brother as a ping pong ball! OK, the last one may just be me but seriously other than wrapping our children in bubble wrap, how can we keep them safe? When they’re babies, it’s so much easier. You need only baby proof your […]

Fun things to do Outdoors


The kids are off from school. The weather’s warmer and the outdoors beckon. How do you narrow it down? When my children were toddlers, they dictated where I went. Their schedules were important. They helped me avoid meltdowns; as a result, I did not like to deviate from their schedules. I also avoided areas that […]

Let The Games Begin!


When I was growing up, my family held annual backyard games. We raced bikes, jumped rope, and threw water balloons. We laughed as we hula hooped our way to victory, cheered as our teammates threw a touchdown and groaned when our team was struck out in softball. It was family against family in our annual […]

Playdate Planning: The Essentials

Playdate Planning

The doorbell rings. You look up, it’s time—they have arrived. You quickly glance around as you walk towards the door. You think you have everything; you hope you have everything! There’s isn’t time even if you didn’t. You reach the door, look down and see your little one has beat you to the door. You […]

Four Must Have Tips BEFORE Having an Outdoor Playdate!


Living in an apartment, limits my activities during the colder weather; however, now that Spring, and the warmer weather has finally arrived, I am ready to spring into action! One of my families’ favorite Spring jaunts is Central Park. It’s warm enough to enjoy, yet cold enough to avoid the massive summer crowds. It’s also […]

Meet Our New Playdate Mom-LatinaOnAMission

Meet Our New Playdate Mom-LatinaOnAMission

As a single mother of two boys and two dogs, I’ve grown to cherish our scheduled playdates with family and friends. They allow my boys and dogs to expend their boundless energy, while giving me a moment of respite. Playdates allow them to connect in ways that our digital world doesn’t. They teach social skills […]